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The Legal Stuff.

This site does not collect any of Your information.

Therefor, there is nothing to Delete or Request to See or be Forgotten.

We don't care enough to collect any information.

Any thing that may be recorded during the normal function of the site.

Is required for the normal functioning of the site. Like every other site on the Internet.

If you have a Problem with that…

Never use the Internet in Any Way Shape or Form.

Do your own Due Diligence.

If You do not, You are Inept. And only have Yourself to Blame.

Information on this site is for Information Purposes only, and Entertainment.


This site does not use Cookies directly.

It does currently use Cloudflare, which do add a Cookie in the normal Functioning of their CDN Service.

Why they use Cookies is detailed at: Understanding the Cloudflare Cookies

Their Cookie Policy can be found at: Cloudflare Privacy Policy


This site may at times use an Analytics Service to monitor the Performance, Security and Normal Functioning of the site.

The Analytics Service may or may not use Cookies.

For Cloudflare Analytics:

They do not use Cookies, their Privacy Policy can be found at:

For Google Analytics:

Your use of this site is at Your Own Risk. And constitutes complete Irrevocable Acceptance of these Terms.



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